The most important issue in today’s household is how to stay within our own financial borders without losing our credit cards, commodities credits, and personal loans. There are many people who unconsciously, but are already using financial envelopes of the “envelope financial system”. In this article, we will follow the most important rules and principles of this system.

If you like spending, the envelope financial system is right for you, as you will be able to keep yourself in control!


# 1 Buy colorful envelopes for yourself

# 1 Buy colorful envelopes for yourself

Many types of envelopes can be captured for this purpose. However, I suggest that you try this method with enveloped envelopes, so you can apply the principle absolutely without any possibility of error.

You’ll need exactly as many envelopes as you have defined for your main spending groups. I do not recommend that you create a separate group for each of your spending because you end up confused. Instead, try to create the clearest possible division!

I have determined myself the following division:

  • Overhead Envelope
  • Credit envelope
  • Food envelope
  • Entertainment Envelope
  • Pocket Money Envelope
  • Envelope with clothing
  • Travel (not vacation) envelope


# 2 Share your pay and place your money

# 2 Share your pay and place your money

You have to share and deposit all forints! The most important thing is that you can’t stay “back”, all the money has to find the right envelope! Surely the question has arisen in you that this is all right, but where is the savings envelope?

You have to learn not to put aside the money that remains after spending, but spend the money that remains after the savings!

From your monthly regular income, you first withdraw the money you need for the purposes defined by the Good strategy, ensuring your medium and long term goals. You’ll then share the remaining money in your envelope financial system!


# 3 Determine Exact Amounts!

# 3 Determine Exact Amounts!

You will probably not be able to use this system properly if you cannot determine the exact amount. The reason for this is that the human brain thinks very sharply at the end points. Always “wondering” how to get from B to A.

By analogy, it is important to remember and define the amount of money that we are dedicated to for that purpose. However, you should not penny, you should not calculate the exact amount of money to the extreme, because we do not leave any room at all!

The unit of measurement of the system is HUF 1,000

  • Overhead envelope – HUF 150,000
  • Credit envelope – 50,000 forints
  • Food envelope – 70 000 HUF
  • Entertainment Envelope – 50,000 Forints
  • Pocket Money Envelope – 30,000 Forints
  • Envelope Clothing – 30,000 Forints
  • Travel (non-holiday) envelope – HUF 30,000



# 4 Always withdraw money from the required envelope! – The meaning of the envelope financial system

# 4 Always withdraw money from the required envelope! - The meaning of the envelope financial system

The whole system will work if you stick to the envelope system strictly. Always withdraw money from the appropriate envelope for your particular spending and return it to the same person. For you, this frame is the purpose you have set for yourself.

If the money is out of the envelope, it is strictly forbidden to redistribute the money from elsewhere, especially for any savings . Not even temporarily, not for 1 month, except in case of force majeure. The reason for this is that you will most likely want to overspend on something that was not planned. If this spending is planned, you could finance it from your “vacation” or “liquid savings” account.


# 5 Repeat next month

# 5 Repeat next month

Art is not that you are trying the system for one month and you find that it works / does not work. The real challenge is to start the second, then the third month, and face the cruel realization that so far

  1. you are constantly over-spending
  2. more and more money is left

For the sake of recognition, I would open an extra envelope in my place where I would transfer the money left in the envelopes from the previous month on the day of each month’s payment. I would always count how much I put over and would probably be surprised to be able to move more from month to month and how much money I earn in this bonus envelope…