Payday loans granted without checking the databases

Nowadays it is very difficult to get a payday loan without checking databases. On the non-banking market, however, there are not many companies that do not use this type of data verification and are based mainly on the customer’s current lending capacity. Further illustration at

In the initial phase, non-bank loans were granted mainly on the basis of income certificates. Is it under a contract of employment, based on retirement or pension sections. Times, however, change and now outside these documents, companies that provide such loans also verify the borrowers’ data in terms of possible debts.

Over the last years, non-bank companies have checked the data mainly in the debtors’ registers in terms of whether we have some debt in the payment of telephone bills, electricity or other invoices. Currently, however, more and more companies also use other, additional ways to verify the data. Such additional methods are verification in BIK (in which data about repayment of bank loans land) or in ZPF or the Loan Companies Association. The latter, moreover, associates most companies providing non-bank loans.

Loan companies without checking databases

Loan companies without checking databases

And is it possible to obtain non-bank loans without checking such databases? For example, we currently have quite a good monthly income, we have paid the majority of overdue debts. However, the problem is that, after previous delays, there was an entry in BIK and an entry for an unpaid invoice in the KRD. Do we have a loan opportunity in this option?

The chance for a loan is even in those institutions that check the data. However, the final decision is in the hands of those companies that treat each situation of the potential borrower individually.

However, there are companies that do not use data verification in BIK or in debtors’ registers, and it is even possible to obtain a loan even during bailiff classes. Such loans without checking databases are, however, available in a few non-bank companies. However, there is one important condition that I mentioned at the beginning. In order to get a loan, we must be in a good financial condition that will enable us to pay off the installments of this new loan. It is therefore necessary to have an employment contract for an indefinite period and income from our bank account. Thanks to this, the company will be able to verify the proceeds and whether they are actually sufficient to repay the loan. One of such new proposals on the non-bank loan market without checking databases is the offer of Lapuda Cash loans.

In the case of this company’s offer, the credit history we have is not valid. The company will give us a loan without checking the databases of verification of another debt base. The most important issue of getting a loan through Lapuda Cash will be to have a person who will be an additional collateral for the loan. This works almost the same way as a loan with a giro, only in this case the person who provides additional security for the loan is called a guarantor. The guarantor should have adequate creditworthiness, so if the main borrower fails to pay the loan installments, the repayment obligation will fall on his shoulders. The person who becomes the guarantor should also not have payment delays in the past. If we have such a trusted person in our environment, we will be able to take advantage of the loan with a guarantor, which will be a cheaper solution than a traditional cash loan.